Zeeworld update On Zara’s Nikah 9th April 2021

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Scene 1
Zara shows divorce papers to Salma and Irfan. She says Ruksaar and Kabir are divorced but I want to know why Kabir took the responsibility of this baby, was he helpless? Kabir comes there and says sorry, I have some work so can we go out now?
Zara and Kabir leaves.
Zeenat asks Ruksaar where she is going? Ruksaar says I am going for a final fight, if I win then I will get Kabir but if I don’t then I will go away from your life. Zeenat says don’t say that, just take care. She leaves. Ruksaar takes out the gun and says I will kill father of this baby which is Sartaj today and Kabir will never find him.
Kabir and Zara come to the dargah. Zara says you don’t come to dargah? Kabir says but you do so you might pray here. Kabir looks around to Ruksaar and the person. Sartaj in a disguise and sees Kabir there. He thinks where is Ruksaar? He tries to call her but her phone is off. He says Ruksaar is being smart with me.
Zara prays in dargah to understand Kabir’s helplessness.
Ruksaar wears a burqah comes to dargah. Kabir looks around and sees a woman in veil pointing a gun at some man. He is shocked. Sartaj sees Zara there and thinks that I will do my work and Kabir won’t be able to save her. Ruksaar sees Zara and thinks Kabir must be around too. Sartaj points a gun at Zara. She is shocked. Ruksaar hides and point the gun at Sartaj but Kabir comes to her. Sartaj tells Zara to come with him otherwise he will kill other people. She asks who are you? He says I am Sartaj, come with me. Zara looks around and starts leaving with him. He asks her to move to a corner. He says I will sell you to someone and get money. Zara thinks where is Kabir? He brings her to a car and asks her to sit inside. Zara says you can’t kill me as you need money. Sartaj says I can kill other women here if you try to be smart. Zara looks on but Kabir comes there and throws a cloth over him. He ties his hands and puts him in the car. He asks Zara to sit inside. Zara sees Ruksaar there as well and her face is covered too. She asks Kabir. Kabir recalls the flashback how he had taken off Ruksaar’s veil and grabbed her. He tells Zara that we will ask them at home. He drives away.
Scene 2



Zeenat is waiting for Ruksaar and says she is not even picking up the call. She sees Kabir bringing Ruksaar inside with her hand tied. He brings Sartaj there too. Kabir closes the door and glares at them. Irfan and Salma come there too. Kabir asks Sartaj you might be thinking why I was there? Ruksaar told me everything. Sartaj says she cheated me, I knew she was disloyal. Zara says Ruksaar told us that you would come there, she also told us that you needed money and she made you get trapped by us. Sartaj says she cheated me. Kabir says she was trying to kill you, I got this gun from her. Sartaj looks on and goes to Ruksaar. He says you knew that this baby is mine and you wanted to kill me? All are shocked. Kabir takes off Ruksaar’s clothe, she says he is lying. He says I am her baby’s father.

Sartaj tells Ruksaar I told you to not cheat me. Zeenat asks what is he saying? She slaps her and says did you marry him or not? Sartaj says no.. we did not marry, we had a deal. Kabir says what deal? Sartaj says ask her. Kabir punches him and says I won’t spare you, you tried to run away with my Zara. Irfan asks Kabir to leave him, we will give him to the police. Sartaj says if you tell the police that I am Ruksaar’s baby’s father then you will be insulted, your house’s woman has done a sin. Zara slaps him and says the world knows that Kabir is the father and people will know this truth only till this baby is born. Kabir says no I will not save Ruksaar this time. Zara says I know you did all this to protect the honor of this house and protect this baby. Kabir says you knew all this? Zara says yes, my love isn’t that weak, I just wanted to hear it from your mouth. Salma tells Kabir that Zara is right, Ruksaar should have been in jail but she is pregnant and we have to save her. Zeenat cries and says look at them Ruksaar, you have cheated and harmed them all life but they are protecting you today. She begs Kabir to let her stay here till this baby is born but I will decide her punishment. Kabir calls the police and asks them to come and arrest Sartaj.
SP comes to arrest Sartaj. Sartaj hits an officer and snatches the gun from him. SP points a gun at him and asks him to put his gun down. Sartaj says let me go from here otherwise I will shoot Kabir. SP says don’t shoot Kabir, I am putting my gun down. A bullet is shot and Kabir sees that SP has shot Sartaj in the head. Zara runs out and sees him dead. Kabir prays for his soul.
Scene 2

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Zeenat asks Ruksaar to tell everyone how this happened? How Sartaj made you pregnant? Ruksaar says when Kabir divorced me, I didn’t have much time left at this house and that Bubbly was getting close to Kabir. At that time, Sartaj called me and asked me to meet him. The flashback shows how Sartaj told her that we don’t have money and you will lose the house of Kabir. If you give me the money then I will make you stay at Kabir’s house forever. She says how? He makes her sit on bed and says if you become pregnant then Kabir won’t be able to divorce you. He touches her face but she slaps him and says you are cheap. Sartaj said that you don’t have any other choice. The flashback ends and Ruksaar says I didn’t want to leave this house, I had no choice and I did the sin which I shouldn’t have done. Zeenat says I took your side in everything, I was blind in your love but you have done such a big sin, how could you do it? She apologizes to Kabir and says I am begging you to forgive her for the last time. Kabir says you should apologize to God and don’t be this blind again. Kabir tells Ruksaar that you should thank Zara because you are here still on her permission. Ruksaar cries and folds her hand to Zara. Zara says I am sorry Kabir, you were protecting the innocent baby. Kabir says no, you knew everything but still remained with me. Zara says I found your divorce papers with Ruksaar but I wanted to know your helplessness, I got to know that your duty towards humans is above everything else and even your love, if I could bow to you after God then I would. Kabir says a new life full of love is waiting for us.
Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room and says you killed Ayesha.. Ruksaar says she was my mother too, Kabir says Shahbaz told us that, he wrote it. Kabir shows how Shahbaz wrote that Ruksaar killed Ayesha and she was scaring him too. He got the strength and wrote this. Ruksaar says I didn’t do anything like that, he is going crazy. Zara says someone else testified to it too. Ruksaar says who? Zeenat says me, I did a mistake of protecting your sins. The Police come there. Kabir tells Ruksaar that you have shamed the whole humanity, I kept you here on Zara’s saying but you killed my mother.. it all turns out to be Ruksaar’s dream. She says I have to make Shahbaz silent before he can bring this truth out.



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