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FB IMG 1613073291091Revathi scolds Dulari why did not she inform her that she needed money, she would have scolded her but given money. Ragini and Shristi tell Dulari is too innocent, her husband is bad and wanted money instead of knowing how she is, she should not fall for his buttery talks. Dulari agrees and says let us have food, she is living for food.
Ragini serves food and fills extra plate. Divya asks for whom it is. Ragini calls Baiju and asks to come and have food with them. He says he is comfortable sitting on floor. She points gun at him and warns to obey. Revathi and daadi also insist. He agrees. Daadi says she got halwa prepared for all her children.
After dinner, Ragini goes to room with Anurag and says Baiju is a boon for our family. Anurag says yes. Ragini says Shristi has calmed down in Baiju’s company. He asks is it and gets romantic. She says she is elder bahu of this house, trying to take clothes from cupboard. Night falls down. Anurag insists her to wear it. She agrees hesitantly.
Shristi gets her friend Payal’s call that she is eloping with her boyfriend and is in a hotel room now. Shristi warns not to betray her parents, she is coming right now to meet her. She walks down. Baiju asks where is she going at this time. She tells whole situation. He says he will accompany her.
Ragini comes out wearing nightie and draping towel around. Anurag insists. She shyingly removes towel. He gazes her and their romance starts. He lifts her and takes her on bed. A romantic song plays in the background. Revathi knocks door and informs Shristi is missing.
Baiju takes Shristi to a cheap hotel where Payal is and ask people. He says her friend came to wrong place. Police raids place revealing it is a brothel. Baiju says they are trapped badly. Police arrests even them.

Police arrests Shristi and Baiju in a brothel hotel. Reporters surround them. Brij gets a call at home from someone asking if Shristi is his relative. He switches on phone. Family watches Shristi and Baiju being caught in a s*x racket wrongly. Junior inspectors misbehave with them. Reporters identify Shristi and asks since how long she is in this business and if her family is also involved. Family gets worried for Shristi seeing now. Anurag and Brij decide to go to police station. Ragini says she will accompany them to tackle arrogant police.
Junior inspectors continue misbehaving with Shristi and Baiju and make fun of them, asking lewd questions. Shristi says they misunderstood her, she came here to help her friend in a wrong hotel.. Constables continue. Baiju warns them to behave with his madam. They continue. Senior inspector comes and even he starts misbehaving with Shristi. Shristi says she is a reputed lawyer’s daughter and from a reputed family. He asks why did she come with a goon then. She says she is a widow and to behave with her. Inspector laughs that he understood her need now and it is obvious she took Baiju along. Baiju warns inspector. Drama continues.
Anurag, Ragini, and Brij reach police station and explain inspector Shristi’s situation. Shristi’s friend Poonam reaches and informs that Shristi came to meet her in a wrong hotel and shows messages and call details. Inspector warns Shristi to be careful and check beforehand before entering in wrong places. He warns Baiju to not act oversmart as his details are with him. He frees them both. They both walk with Ragini and other. Baiju’s amma comes worried for him and insists to accompany her. Baiju says seeing recent incidents he cannot leave Shristi alone. Anuraag says he will handle situation for 2-3 days. Amma insists Baiju to think of her as he is her only child and she needs him. He leaves with amma.

Shristi returns home with Anurag, Brij, and Ragini. Neibhors attack them with stones. Vidhvan tries to save them, but he is also attacked. Ladies catch Ragini and Shristi and smear Shristi face black and yell if she cannot control her youth, she should go with her lover. Ragini frees herself and confronts neighbors. She takes Shirsti home. Vidhhvan says they will seek police protection against neighbors.
Shristi panics and under shower tries to wipe her face repeatedly. Ragini walks in and calm her that she is pure like ganga and god will punish who alleged her, she should relax and both sisters will be together tonight.
Next day, Vidhvan seeks panchayat’s help. Ragini explains them whole situation. Villagers allege that this woman is characterless and should go from here. Panchayat says they did heinous act and should apologize Vidhvan and his bahu. Villagers oppose. Panchayat asks if Vidhvan accepts their decision. Vidhvan says considers panchayat as parmeshwar. Panchayat asks villagers to apologize them. Vidhvan thanks him and gets up to leave. Panchayat says still he has not finished yet, villagers apologized Vidhvan and family, now they should raise their issue. Villagers allege Shristi as characterless and roams with a young man, she cannot stay in this village. They continue alleging her. Ragini warns them she will break their mouth. They continue alleging she does not consider herself as widow and attended goadh bharai ceremony. Vivan says she did not become widow by choice. Villager allege him. Brij warns to shut his mouth. Panchayat says they have made rules for the society and asks them to read it. He says Vidhvan if his bahu has to stay in this village, she has to follow these rules. Vidhvan says he does not consider their rule. Brij opposes. Panchayath says they agreed first and now opposing. Vidhvan says his bahu is not a criminal to accept rules. Panchayat warns if he opposes panchayat’s decision, he will be punished.

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Sarpanch orders Vidhvan to leave village with his family for not accepting panchayat’s order. Vidhvan leaves. Sarpanch warns he is insulting panchayat and will have to return back to them. At home, Revathi says she will not leave this village. Divya says this issue is because of Baiju, so if they change Shristi’s bodyguard, villagers will not oppose. Ragini says this will make Shristi a culprit. Anurag says Ragini is right. Villagers chant Shristi singh murdabad. Ragini fumes and says she will teach them a lesson. Villagers provoke Sarpanch that Vidhvan’s family is arrogant and insulted him, what will he do now. Sarpanch says he has a plan.
Shristi asks Ragini not to do anything wrong and says it is all her mistake and family is suffering, so she will accept panchayat’s
order, holding white saari. Vidhvan says it is not her mistake. Revathi says Vidhvan is right, she should change her decision. Shristi says if her decision can save her family, she is ready to accept panchayath’s decision. Raginbi says Shristi is right and showing her law book asks to burn it as this teaches to get justice to weak and victims, if she does not trust it, it is better to burn it. Anurag says in old says, widows were sent to holy place, but this is modern age. Revathi says Anurag is right, she has whole life in front of her. Ragini asks Shristi to burn book. Shristi kisses book. Ragini throws white sari. Vidhvan praises Shristi and says let us oppose injustice loudly.
After sometime, Revathi asks Vidhvan to inform police to get protection. Vidhvan says they will get protecting in 2 days as it is govt work, but until he is alive, he will not let anyone harm Shristi. Dulari starts her jokergiri and shows how Biju taught to throw opponent on floor. Family then prays god to protect family and Shristi.
Villagers shout slogan against Vidhvan’s family. Family walks in front of them and says they will not leave this village. Sarpanch says he is doing wrong, but can stay in village, he has to keep his bahu out. Revathi says they will not leave her daughter alone.Villagers drag Shristi out of village yelling characterless woman cannot stay in this village. Family protests, but they are gripped by villagers. Ragini entes holding gun and warns to leave Shristi right now. Villagers pelt stone on her and continue dragging Shirsti out of village and tie her to a tree.


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