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Anurag gifts divorce papers to Ragini and walks out shattered. Channa Mere ya Mere ya…song..plays in the background. He reminisces time spent with Ragini and cries. On the other side, Shristi cries reminiscing women insulting her duringgoad bharai ritual. Revathi walks in and asks to not bother about what happened today, goon Baiju is much better than those women who accepted mistake even if it was not his and left. Anurag calls Revathi and call gets disconnected. She calls back. He says he failed in life and does not know what is happening, he cannot see what is in front of him, please come and hold him. Revathi gets worried and asks where is he. Call gets disconnected.
Anurag imagines Ragini’s wedding with Abhimanyu, Ammaji doing gathbandhan, Vikral babuji doing kanyadaan, their
pheras, etc.. He holds Anuragini’s letter and thinks when Anuragini is inseparable, then how did it happen. Anuragini kerchief falls in front of him. He thinks how did it come here. Ragini comes and picks kerchief. He asks why did she come here, she should have been married to Abhimanyu, he must be waiting for her, go away. She does not. He says he is going and walks. She holds his hand. He realizes it is really her and hugs her. she warns if he dare can go away from her, he knows how dabang/daring she is. He says she is really his Ragini. She warns again dare not to go away from him. He asks what happened to her marriage with Abhimanyu. She reminisces cancelling her marriage with Abhimanyu and Babuji freeing gathbandhan. Ragini hugs Babuji and runs from there to meet Anurag. She lies that her marriage is completed, he knows how daring her babuji is, he got her married to the man she liked on gunpoint. Anurag gets happy realizing she is talking about him. She says she could not move ahead to marry someone else, her brain wanted to, but her heart did not agree and she ran from there. She hugs him again and says she remembered all the moments spent with him. She then shows divorce papers and asks what is this, he told their name is coming on paper for the last time, it will forever. They both tear divorce paper and hug again. She calls him misterji..he asks to repeat it. She shouts misterji I love you. He happily lifts her. She says if he had not done Udaipur mishap, this problem would not have happened. Revathi with Shristi walks in and says she is responsible for Udaipur mishap, she gave fire to Udaipur mishap and used it as weapon to separate them.

Revathi informs Anurag that she is the one who tried to fuel Sangini’s drama and wanted to separate Anurag and Ragini with all her conspiracies, but did not realize her house is incomplete without her bahus. She lost her one son, but does not want to lose another. She pleads Ragini to forgive her. Ragini says how can she forgive her, daughter is not that big to forgive her mother. Revathi emotionally hugs her. Anurag says Ragini let us go now. Revvathi stops him Anurag says Ragini always supported her and when he used to get frustrated seeing her evil plans Ragini used to stop him, but she tried to separate the, he was about to lose Ragini because of her, he will not forgive her. He holds Ragini and takes her away. Shristi consoles Revathi that Anurag is angry and will forgive her soon.
and Ragini reach home. Shristi asks Ragini to do graha pravesh by kicking rice bowl. Anurag promises Ragini that she left home because of his mistake, he promises he will not break her heart and not let anyone come between them or play with their emotions, looking at Revathi. He holds Ragini’s hand and walks in. Vasu asks him to come and see his room, she decorated it herself. Anurag says let us take elder’s blessings. Daadi says they got new life of relationship again, so they should become an example for others. Brij says amma is right, everyone don’t get a chance again. They both touch daadi, Brij, and Dulari’s feet. Ragini touches Revahti’s feet, but Anurag takes her away. Daadi asks to take mother’s blessings. Revathi says she brought them here and blessed them already.
Revathi takes Ragini and Anurag to their room. Ragini emotionally says room is exactly same as her previous room, how did she do it in such a short notice. Divya says she and Shristi did it, she also fixed Ragini’s favorite agarbati. Anurag starts sneezing. Ragini keeps agarbati outside saying Anurag is allergic to agarbati. Shristi says she should be knowing husband’s likes and dislikes and takes Divya from there. She reminisces Birju and misses him.
Ragini starts crying. Anurag asks what happened to her. She says she is remembering her old house. Anurag also cries and says he is missing Sangini. She beats him with pillow. He grips her and falls on bed and says he will not spare her today.
Next morning, Ragini sees Revathi and says her son is angry and will calm down soon. Revathi says she is feeling guilty for trying to separate husband and wife, but Ragini wants to reunite mother and son, she is old but Ragini is wiser than her. Ragini says she is elder to her and whatever she did was her love for her son. She consoles Revathi and takes her for breakfast. Anurag asks Dulari to serve him bitter gourd and looking at Revathi comments. Dulari takes food. Ragini asks for whom she is taking this food. Dulari says for Baiju. They ask who baiju.

Dulari tells she forgot Baiju is not here, so will give food to Solid. Shristi says she sent Solid home. Ragini asks who are they. Divya says Baiju and Solid are goons and informs them whole story in detail. Anurag asks Shristi why did she lie, truth is he cannot help his family. Shristi says he was giving exam of life, so she did not inform him, she is fine now. Anurag asks what about goon Baiju. Dulari says Baiju is reformed now after Shristi’s lap and became her bodyguard. Anurag asks why goon is protecting Shristi. She informs her whole story of her kidnap, etc.. Brij says they kept Baiju as bodyguard, but women insulted Shristi connecting her with Baiju, so Baiju left home. Anurag says somuch happened behind him. Ragini says all this happened because she left home and made mistake.
Anurag says it is not her mistake, she was forced to get out of this house. Revathi silently slips off. Anurag says they should thank Baiju and Solid for their help. Goon throws stone with message that Baiju is not there to Shristi to protect her, who will protect her now. Divya says this is all Baiju’s plan as how goon knows when Baiju is not at home, Baiju just wants to come back here. Ragini says she will make a call and teach goon a lesson. Anurag says he knows she can sort out things with one call, but he wants to protect his family and asks to fix his bed outside.
Vikral sits on stairs sadly. Ammaji asks if he is angry on Ragini. Vikral says he is happy instead as Ragini did not lose her heart and went back to Anurag and he respects Anurag more that he stood firm and passed all tests. Ammaji says their bond is more strong now. Vikral gets romantic with ammaji.
Anurag fixes his bed outside. Ragini fumes she will punish Bhola don, she has not forgotton they lost Vishu because of Bhura. Anurag says they have to protect Shristi now and find out if Baiju is a good person or not. He starts sneezing. Ragini gets allergy medicine for him. She gives him gun and says she will stay here with him. He says for the first time, he wants her to go. Shristi passes by and says she can stay here. Ragini walks with her. Anurag sleeps on sofa.
Next morning, Revathi does pooja and says she wants to dorn neckalce to god’s idol and asks Shristi to bring it. Shristi walks in and shouts. They all walk in and says thief stole whole locker. Brij says someone who knows our house well has stolen wealth from locker. Divya says Baiju is culprit and shows his holy thread as proof. Daadi and Revathi say they cannot believe. Divya says Baiju is goon and is untrustable. Ragini says without proof they cannot allege anyone and have to find out truth. Divya says they should find out Baiju and know truth. Shristi takes Ragini and Anurag to Baiju’s house. Anurag asks neighbor where is Baiju. Neighbor says goon Baiju left home last night. Anurag asks where did he go. Neighbor says he does not know. Anurag says they should file FIR. Shristi says whole family trusts Baiju Ragini says Anurag is right, they should file FIR. Anurag says if Baiju is innocent, he will come in front.
Anurag and family file theft complaint at police station and waits for police to interrogate. Divya shows Baiju’s photos and says he is thief who lived in their house and is a big goon who cannot be reformed. Shristi and Revathi ask her not to allege Baiju without any proof. Police drags Baiju in, beating him and saying they found him at railway station trying to escape. Divya claps and says his truth is out, he will never change and asks inspector to check Baiju’s bag. Inspector opens bag and they see money in it. Divya says Baiju will never change and was waiting for a chance to steal.
Inspector trashes Baiju and drags him. Shristi asks Baiju to speak truth as he cannot steal. Inspector continues trashing Baiju. Dulari starts crying and asks not to trash innocent man as she stole money. Revathi asks not to lie to save Baiju. She says she is telling truth and reminisces stealing money and Baiju catching her red handed. She says her husband called her and told he is deeply in debt due to gambling and wants money, so she is stealing money. Baiju says he will give money to her husband and will get same amount tomorrow, she can keep it back in locker. Shristi asks Baiju from where did he get this money. Inspects insists if he looted someone. He says he mortgaged his Kanpur house. Dulari says only a brother can do this. Inspector says Baiju is not culprit and since FIR is already filed, he has to arrest Dulari. Shristi says it is our family issue, we will sort it ourselves.
Baiju says now everything is sorted out, he will leave. Ragini points gun at him and says she needs his help to punish Bhola don, until then he will guard Shristi by staying here. Anruag and Revathi also insist. Ragini then asks Divya to apologize Baiju for doubting him. She apologizes. Baiju says she is also like his sister and no need for apology, in fact she stood on her words and it signifies her sanskar.
Dulari applies medicine to Baiju’s injuries. Shristi takes over and asks why did he take blame on it. H does not utter and writhes in pain when she applies antiseptic lotion. Ragini hears their chat.

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